18.4. RIO Sonoff WiFi Configuration

Power-up the RIO Sonoff device, the LED shall blink fast (see Section, “Led indications for Sonoff subtypes”).

Connect to the Sonoff Access Point using a PC, phone or tablet.

The name of the AP in the following form:


Where the first part is the hardware version brief and the second part is the last 3 bytes of the MAC address.

For example for a Sonoff 4CH Pro V1.1 the SSID name is similar to s4p-1.1_AB4819.

Open the browser and enter the IP in the URL bar. In the page enter the SSID and the password of the WiFi and press the Ok button:

If the device successfully connects to the WiFi the following page is showed:

Otherwise an error page is showed with the error and the configuration can be reattempted reloading the page.

When the device is correctly connected to the WiFi it is possible to use Abilis to complete the configuration using Section 70.24, “Rio/Rvs configuration”.


Configuration window (from version >= 1.1)

There are 4 minutes to configure the WiFi SSID and password, after 4 minutes the device goes in dead state:

  • AP is no more active.

  • LED is fixed ON.

This is done to avoid leaving unconfigured devices in that state forever. A reboot brings back the device to the configuration state. To reboot a device press the first button for at least 2 seconds or power-off/power-on it.