41.3. UPNPS diagnostics and statistics

41.3.1. UPNPS diagnostics

This command reports the current situation of the UPNPS resource:

[18:06:40] ABILIS_CPX:d d upnps

RES:UPnPS ---------------------------------------------------------------------
       STATE:ACTIVE        SESNUM:5      
       CUR-REQUESTS:0      PEAK-REQUESTS:0      
       - HTTP Channels --------------------------------------------------------
       CH  TCP-State  LocAdd-LocPort        RemAdd-RemPort
       0   LISTENING  
       1   LISTENING  
       2   LISTENING  
       3   LISTENING  
       4   LISTENING  

The meaning:


The UPNPS driver state:

  • INACTIVE - configuration parameter ACT:NO.

  • ACTIVE - The driver is fully ready to work.


UPNP queries which can be handled simultaneously.


Current user queries to the UPNP driver.


The peak of user queries to the UPNP driver.


UPNP server HTTP channel ID.


UPNP server HTTP channel TCP state:

  • CLOSED - Channel is closed (ready state).

  • LISTENING - channel is listening.

  • CALLED - called procedure.

  • CALLING - calling procedure.

  • CONNECTED - channel is connected.

  • CLEARING - clearing state.

  • CLEARED - cleared state.

  • DOWN : channel is down.


Local IP Address and Local Port.


Remote IP Address and Remote Port.

41.3.2. UPNPS statistics

This command can help to understand what is happening, in case of troubles:

[18:06:40] ABILIS_CPX:d s upnps

RES:UPnPS ---------------------------------------------------------------------
       --- Cleared 5 days 00:13:13 ago, on 11/10/2017 at 14:24:04 -------------
       SSDP-CHR   |          0|          0|SSDP-FRM   |          0|          0|
       SSDP-LOST  |          0|           |SSDP-BADFMT|          0|           |
       SOAP-REQ   |          0|           |SOAP-RSP   |           |          0|
       SOAP-ERR   |          0|           |SOAP-BADFMT|          0|           |
       TCP-CHR    |          0|          0|DENIED-IP  |          0|           |

With reference to the shown interval of time («Cleared 5 days 00:13:13 ago») these counters show the number of:

SSDP-CHRIncoming/outgoing SSDP characters from/to UDP.
SSDP-FRMIncoming/outgoing SSDP packets from/to UDP.
SSDP-LOSTLost incoming SSDP packets: no buffer.
SSDP-BADFMTLost incoming SSDP packets with bad format.
SOAP-REQSOAP client requests.
SOAP-RSPSOAP responses.
SOAP-BADFMTLost incoming SOAP packets with bad format.
TCP-CHRIncoming/outgoing SSDP characters from/to TCP.
DENIED-IP UPNPS requests received from the clients but not processed because requester (the author of this UPNPS request) is not allowed. The not-allowed requester is a client whose IP address is not present in IPSRC and IPSRCLIST parameters configuration.