51.2. Example of configuration of the SNMP resource

The example below shows how to configure the SNMP resource and to enable the SNMP Agent to the remote IP address and to send TRAPS to the host

[18:06:44] ABILIS_CPX:s p snmp act:yes ipsrc: trap:yes trapdest: traprep:60


[18:06:50] ABILIS_CPX:d p snmp

RES:Snmp - Not Saved (SAVE CONF), Not Refreshed (INIT) ----------------------
Run    DESCR:Simple_Network_Management_Protocol
       LOG:NO        ACT:YES
       - Agent ----------------------------------------------------------------
       IPSRC:          IPSRCLIST:#
       - Traps ----------------------------------------------------------------
       TRAP:YES      AUTHTRAP:NO      TRAPREP:60
       TRAPDEST:       TRAPSRC:R-ID (

This configuration allows Abilis to accept the SNMP request from host and to send any traps to the host every 60 minutes.


Interesting chapter: Section 81.28, “How to activate the SNMP agent”.