80.2. How to prepare an Abilis Compact-Flash using a PC

Go to http://support.abilis.net/downloads/cpx2k/download.html and click the System and tools link of the firmware Release that you want to install; in the following page, download the “Standard package” archive cpx-X.Y.Z-std-package.zip (X.Y.Z stands for the release number).

Extract the archive double-clicking the cpx-X.Y.Z-std-package.zip. The following files will be extracted: bm.RTB, bootd16.exe, Bootdisk.exe, cpx.pkg, install.bat, pkgmake.exe, version.bat.


Every Abilis is associated with a specific Compact Flash unit: it may occur that the same Compact Flash unit doesn't work with another Abilis.

If you want to substitute the Compact Flash, please contact Abilis technical support () indicating the CF model and Abilis motherboard model (see the label on the Abilis rear panel near PCI slots). Antek will provide a new CF compatible with your Abilis motherboard.

  1. Connect the Compact Flash reader to the PC.

  2. Insert a Compact Flash and delete all files. It isn't recommended to format the CF. But, if needed, the CF must be formatted using FAT32 file system.


    It's recommended to use Jame’s format tool to format the CF. Follow the steps below:

    • Download the ZIP and extract it to C:\DOS-on-USB;

    • Make a link to "C:\DOS-on-USB\James' Format Tool.exe" on your desktop.

    Every time you need a CF with DOS installed, run the "James' Format Tool" link on your desktop and set all the program properties as shown in the figure below:

    Figure 80.1. Jame's format tool

    Jame's format tool

    Parameters are:

    • Device - the drive letter containing the CF to format;

    • File system - file system of the new CF (always choose FAT32);

    • Volume label - a label displayed together with the drive letter; generally left blank;

    • Format device - you have to check it in order to make a DOS-bootable CF;

    • Enable compression - only available with file systems like NTFS;

    • Create a DOS startup disk - leave it unchecked.

    Then click "Start".

  3. Double-clicking on install.bat file, and the folowing window will apear:

    Type the <letter_associated_to_CF_reader>: (in example is „G:”), hit return and folow the menu.

  4. Copy the configuration files DRIVERS.CFG and DRIVERS.BCK on the Compact Flash into the <release_number> directory (e.g. The G:\8-4-0 directory).


    Make sure that the configuration files are compatible with the firmware version.

  5. Safely remove USB CF reader from the PC.

  6. Insert the Compact Flash into the MFIDE.

  7. Switch on the Abilis CPX, by pressing the button POWER of the front panel. After the firmware is loaded, both LEDs of the front panel will light every second; it means the Abilis CPX regularly started.