81.29. How to publish the users on the Abilis LDAP server

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a res:ldap


s act res:ldap

Add the LDAP resource.


If the resource already exists, set it active.

s p ldap srv-act:yesEnable the LDAP runtime functionalities.
a user:test act:yes pwd:test ldap:yesCreate a new user test with an LDAP account.
a http rights id:2 user:test file:r dir:lAllow the user test to access LDAP Web.
s user:frank addrbook-sync:yes addrbook-number:ctiiaxPublish the IAX user "frank".
s user:anne addrbook-sync:yes addrbook-number:ctisipPublish the SIP user "anne".
s user:george addrbook-sync:yes addrbook-number:ctip ctip:101Publish the user george owning the CTIP 101.
s user:jack addrbook-sync:yes addrbook-number:clus clus:myclusPublish the user jack owning the CLUSTER "myclus".
s user:frank iax-addrbook-num:02'IAX-NUMBER'Apply a macro on the published number of IAX user "frank".
s user:anne sip-addrbook-num:'SIP-NUMBER.s2'Apply a macro on the published number of SIP user "anne".
s ctip:101 addrbook-num:02'NUM'Apply a macro on the published number of CTIP 101.
s cticl clus:myclus addrbook-num:'NUM'123Apply a macro on the published number of CLUSTER "myclus".
init ctisysInitialize the CTI system.
save confSave the configuration.

On a working Abilis, a system restart is required to let the LDAP resource running if it wasn't running previously.


The published users populate the system address book, to hide other address books type a ldap rights id:1 user:test grants:-r and a ldap rights id:2 user:test grants:-r.


For the description of the LDAP web pages refer to Section 53.4.1, “Web Interface”.