82.13. How to configure OPC to collect call information from a remote Abilis


Enter into the local Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

s p opc maxremotes:5Set the max number of remote Abilis to monitor.
s p opc rem:0 abilisid:testConfigure the abilisid of the remote Abilis.
s p opc rem:0 server: the IP address of the remote Abilis.
s p opc rem:0 login:admin password:adminSet login and password to access the remote Abilis OPC.
s p opc rem:0 enabled:yesEnable the access the remote ABILIS OPC.
save confSave the configuration.

On a working Abilis, you must initialize the OPC resource: init res:opc.