82.20. How to configure CTISMS to send SMS using the Web interface

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a user:test pwd:testAdd the user and set the password.
s user:test http:yesEnable http functionalities for the user.
a http rights path:/sys/sms/ user:testSet the http rights to access the SMS Gateway page.
save confSave the configuration.

Configure the CTISMS resource:

a res:ctisms


s act res:ctisms

Add the CTISMS resource.


If the resource already exists, set it active.

s p ctisms act:yesEnable the CTISMS runtime functionalities.
save confSave the configuration.
warm startRestart Abilis.
s ctisms out pr:1 act:yesEnable CTI SMS routings for outgoing messages. It routes outgoing messages stored in a CSV file or sent via Web interface toward a CTIP port corresponding to the desired SIM.
init res:ctismsInitialize the CTISMS resource.
save confSave the configuration.