83.4. How to convert and upload the disk image

RtXen (our personalized Xen version) support only the RAW disk image format.

To convert a VMDK image (Virtual Machine Disk) to a RAW image you need qemu-img (http://mirror2.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/knoppix/qemu-0.8.1/qemu-img.exe).


Qemu-img also supports the following file formats: vvfat, vpc, bochs, dmg, vmdk, qcow, raw.

Open the directory containing the VMDK file (usually the Linux path is /home/user/.VirtualBox/HardDisks/ and the Windows path is C:\Users\user\VirtualBox VMs). Then, use the following command (changing the file name):

qemu-img convert image.vmdk convertedimage.img

Open a SSH connection with your Abilis and create a directory in /opt/domains/:

mkdir /opt/domains/myvirtualmachine

Logout from the Abilis and copy the converted image into the new directory: