87.11. During the call

During a VoIP call the user interface offer this page:

Figure 87.34. During a VoIP call

During a VoIP call

On the upper side there is:

Moreover the following features are offered:

To place the second call, you may use a mini dialer (keyboard button) or the address book button (you have to pause the first call before doing it.

Figure 87.35. Main page when user has two calls, one active and one on hold

Main page when user has two calls, one active and one on hold

During the second call, you may:

In case of GSM calls ordered by phone the application is normally in the background. If the application is opened the following page is shown.

Figure 87.36. During a GSM call

During a GSM call

The following features are offered:

If the call uses a UMTS-BOX to interface with Abilis then also second call, DTMFs, SWITCH and TRANSFER features are available.


If UMTS-BOX is not used, some buttons appear still available, but cannot work, as its feature needs UMTS-BOX to work.


Be careful, Abilis commands do not interact directly with the phone, but just with Abilis. In case of missing or bad data connection the command cannot reach Abilis so i.e. the close GSM call button may fail and the user must close the call manually if it is not closed automatically.