2.3. Abilis Base-N

Figure 2.5. Abilis Base-N

Abilis Base-N

Abilis Base-N is an expandable device. Below there are the hardware characteristics of the base unit:

These are the expansions:

Abilis Base-N includes all licences, but VMX and Data Comp ones, because it's a class 15 device. Refer to Section 6.1.1, “ABILIS ID and the class of product” to know more about licencing.

2.3.1. Physical and electrical specifications

Figure 2.6. The numbering of the physical ports

The numbering of the physical ports


USB port numbering is intended as "High-speed"/"Full-speed"

Dimensions[mm]: 440x355x150;

Weight: 9,5 Kg;

Power supply: 110-230VAC, 200W.