2.5. Abilis VMX

Figure 2.9. Abilis VMX

Abilis VMX

Abilis VMX supports multi-core CPUs: one core is dedicated to Abilis and the remaining for virtual machines managed by a modified version of XEN. There's no performance degradation because both router and Hypervisor can access to not simulated hardware resources.

Abilis VMX is an expandable device. Below there are the hardware characteristics of the base unit:

These are the expansions:

The hypervisor can run both Linux OS and Windows OS virtual machines.

2.5.1. Physical and electrical specifications

Figure 2.10. The numbering of the physical ports

The numbering of the physical ports


USB port numbering is intended as "High-speed"/"Full-speed".

Dimensions[mm]: 440x355x150;

Weight: 9,5 Kg;

Power supply: 110-230VAC, 200W.