3.1. Numbering of the physical ports

Abilis has been conceived as a modular system to allow a number of possible configurations.

Every Abilis system is supplied with technical documents:

Figure 3.1. Abilis rear panel

Abilis rear panel

The connections usually are made on the Abilis rear panel. The chart below shows the different ports and their connection possibilities:

Table 3.1. Port numbering

Port NumberDescription
1 : 28CTI Port on QPRI or PB22 or PB44
31 : 94CTI Port on BRI-HFC4 or BRI-HFC8 or PB22 or PB44
101 : 484(FXS) analog port on POTS or POTSBOX
501 : 532CTI port on UMTS Box
ETH-xFast Ethernetx” or GigaEthernetx
SYNC-1 : SYNC-16Synchronous ports from 1 to 16 on ESB2