5.2. Command Line Operations

A command consists of a series of characters, ending with <CR> (carriage return), sent to Abilis Control Port. The CP answers with tables containing the requested information or with “COMMAND EXECUTED”; then prompts for the next command.

Commands are divided into the following groups (Group IDs):

Table 5.1. Command groups

GroupGroup IDActionMinimum privilege level required
Add operationsAAdds a new item into the setAdministrator
Reconfiguration operationsBOOTActivates the default configuration of an itemAdministrator
Clear and DeleteCClears a set of statistics or Deletes an itemAdministrator
DisplayDDisplays items, parameters and statisticsUser
SearchFSearches for itemsUser
Re-initializationINITCommits changes which have been made in the named itemUser
List managementLISTManages lists of items (to create, delete, rename lists)Administrator
MoveMExchanges the rank of two items within a tableAdministrator
RestartRActivates currently inactive componentsUser
Set upSSets up parameters of the named itemAdministrator/Super-User
System commands[*]System general management or activation of special functions[*]

[*] Complete list of system commands is available in Section 85.1, “Complete list of On-line Commands”.