7.3. Exceptions Log

An exception is an event which causes the Abilis CPX restart.

When an exception happens, detailed information is saved in the Exceptions Log file CPX.XCP.

Here is an example of visualization of the Events Log stored in memory:

[18:01:34] ABILIS_CPX:d le


The command allows to display a log file of another version:

[09:22:28] ABILIS_CPX:d le ?

D LE [ver]                          Display Exceptions Log

<ver>          String corresponding to a version directory in       <Optional> 
               the form [x.y.z or x-y-z or y.z or y-z or y].
               (E.g. 5.3.1 or 6-1-0 or 2189).

The Events Log content can also be cleared through the command c le.


The Exceptions Log contains a lot of information that is meaningless to the user, but that is very useful for the Abilis CPX technicians for solving eventual problems.

If an exception happens, send the following files/information to tem@antek.it: