8.2. Example of an off-line configuration creation

This utility allows to create/modify Abilis configuration file drivers.cfg. The created file can be loaded on Abilis Compact Flash using the procedures explained in the following chapters:

Section 73.5, “How to remotely transfer files using a terminal emulator”;

Section 73.2, “How to prepare an Abilis Compact-Flash using a PC”;

Section 73.8, “How to copy files using a removable drive”.

Here an example of the off-line workflow.

  1. Execute the program config.exe.

    • If in the folder where config.exe is saved exists a drivers.cfg file, it will be loaded.

    • If in the folder where config.exe is saved there isn't a drivers.cfg file, the utility will ask to create a new one, as follows:

      ERROR: File 'DRIVERS.CFG' not found.
      Create new 'DRIVERS.CFG' (N/Y) ?

      By answering Y and pressing Enter a new drivers.cfg will be created with a basic configuration.

       - CONFIG (Off-line configurator for Abilis CPX) - v. 2091    - 24/09/2015 -
       - Abilis CPX - Ver. 8.5.1 - Build 4238.7 - Branch 8.5 -
       - (c) 1994/2017 - Abilis -
      Press ALT-F9 to cycle between 90x25, 90x43, 90x50 screen modes.
      Logged as SUPERUSER
      [17:00:32] ABILIS_CPX:
  2. Configure the Abilis CPX.

  3. At the end of the configuration writing, save the changes with save conf command.

    [10:29:52] ABILIS_CPX:save conf

Every software release has its own config.exe file that creates and reads drivers.cfg files; config.exe and drivers.cfg are compatible for releases that differs only by the last digit.

Converting drivers.cfg files of the previous releases version to the current one can be done using the utilities convcfg.exe or convcfgw.exe. These utilities can be downloaded from the Abilis technical website - download section.