60.1. Address book web interface.

The address book is useful to associate names and numbers through a private and a public section. It can be used for the following purposes:

The Address Book administration is available from the HTTP interface and even from CP (through commands a/d/s/c contact).

Click Address book and the following page will be shown.

Figure 60.1. Address Book interface

Address Book interface

On the top left corner of the page there are two arrows which allow to browse the address book pages back and forward.

In the next section of the page there are various icons:

To add a contact click the icon and follow these steps:

Searching contacts can be done filling the textbox. Javascripts permits a search-as-you-type operation. You can use special character ticking the checkbox advanced search.

Contacts can be sorted by name or number (Sort by listbox); the user can choose: to show only private/public contacts (show contacts listbox), the number of contacts per page (contacts per page listbox), the number of columns per page (Columns per page listbox).

The table on the center of the address book page shows the search results.

Click the button SMS to compose an SMS to the corresponding user, filling number and message fields.

Figure 60.4. Address book: sending an sms

Address book: sending an sms

Double click on the contact to call him.


Interesting part: Section 75.21, “How to configure CTISMS to send SMS via emails”.