80.4. How to remotely upgrade the Abilis firmware

Go to http://support.abilis.net/downloads/cpx2k/download.html and click the System and tools link of the firmware Release that you want to install; in the following page, download the “Standard package” archive cpx-X.Y.Z-std-package.exe (X.Y.Z stands for the release number).

Extract the archive double-clicking the cpx-X.Y.Z-std-package.exe file. The following files will be extracted: bm.RTB, bootd16.exe, Bootdisk.exe, cpx.pkg, install.bat, pkgmake.exe, version.bat.

  1. Enter into the Abilis control-program with a Terminal Emulator with file transfer support (e.g. Windows HyperTerminal, Zoc, etc).

  2. Upload the cpx.pkg file with the sys update command:

    • With XMODEM protocol: sys update

    • With ZMODEM protocol: sys update z

    For example, if you use Zoc program:


    If the package file is already present in the “C:\PKG\” directory, it's possible to install it with the command: sys update <new_version> (e.g. sys update 8-4-4).

  3. Once the new firmware version is installed, it's necessary to copy the configuration file into the version directory. The procedure varies depending on compatibility of drivers.cfg files.

    • If the new version installed is compatible with the current one, type the command: save conf <new_version> (e.g. save conf 8-4-4).

    • If the new version isn't compatible with the current one:

      1. Download the running drivers.cfg file.

      2. Convert the file into the new firmware release.

      3. Upload the converted file into the new version directory.

  4. Configure the version that must be loaded at next system startup using the command: sys set boot version <new_version> (e.g. sys set boot version 8-4-4).

  5. Restart the Abilis.