80.12. How to replace USB Ethernet with USB GigaEthernet

If the used port supports also USB 3.0, to replace a USB Ethernet with USB GigaEthernet is needed to change the USBPORTID parameter. This change is necessary because the USB GigaEthernet works also with USB 3.0, and provide 10/100/1000Mbps. These changes are valid for the reverse procedure, from USB GigaEthernet to USB Ethernet.

s dev:ethusb-1 usbportid:noneCancel the usbportid (e.g. ETHUSB-1 device).
init usbdevInitialization of USB devices.
save confSave the configuration.

The command init usbdev must be typed after replacing of modem.


If you are connected remotely to ABILIS through this line, it is better to restart the ABILIS instead of initialize the device, please refer to: Section 80.10, “How to automatically reassign the USBPORTID”.


The Abilis USB GigaEthernet is supported starting from Abilis firmware version 8.5.