81.18. How to setup DDNS service on Abilis

81.18.1. How to setup DDNS service using dyndns.org

Point your browser to www.dyndns.com, click Sign In. Then fill username and password if you have already an account or Create an Account.

Figure 81.1. Home page

Home page

If you have already an account on dyndns.com you can skip the following steps and jump to this paragraph.

  • Fill the requested fields username, password, email.

  • Choose the options desired in the Subscribe to section and enter the numbers of the security image.

  • Check the privacy policy.

  • Click the Create Account button.

In the figure below username and password are abilistest. Remember these values because they will be used to configure Abilis.

Figure 81.2. Account creation

Account creation

An email with the following text will be sent to the email address entered above. Click on the link to complete the account creation process.

Figure 81.3. Conformation link

Conformation link

Now your account is activated. Point your browser to www.dyndns.com, click Sign In and fill username and password entered above.

Figure 81.4. Login


After logging in, a page with services, billing and account settings is shown. Click Add Host Services in My Services column.

Figure 81.5. Dyndns services

Dyndns services

The following page is very important because here you can choose the DNS name associated to the dynamic IP entering hostname and domain. For example, if hostname is abilistest and the chosen domain is dyndns.org, the resulting DNS name is abilistest.dyndns.org.

  • Fill the Hostname field and select dyndns.org from the drop-down menu.

  • Select Host with IP address radio button.

  • Enter IP address.

  • Select services and devices to use with the chosen hostname.

  • Click add to cart.

Figure 81.6. Hostname configuration

Hostname configuration

Click Checkout to activate in the following page.

Figure 81.7. Checkout


Click Next button.

Figure 81.8. Shopping cart

Shopping cart

Click Activate Services. Now the configuration of the services on dyndns.org is completed.

Figure 81.9. Activation of services

Activation of services

In the next section there are the steps to follow to configure Abilis DDNS service.

81.18.2. How to setup DDNS service on Abilis

Assuming that the IP resource toward Internet is IP-1 and it's already activated and configured (see chapters in the section How to Networking).

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a res:dns


s act res:dns

Add the DDNS resource.


If the resource already exists, set it active.

s p ddns act:yesActivate the DDNS resource.
s p ddns service:dyndns.orgSet the DDNS service name.
s p ddns user:abilistest pwd:abilistestSet username and password.
s p ip-1 ddns:yesEnable DDNS for the resource IP-1.
s p ip-1 ddns-fqdn:abilistest.dyndns.orgSet the FQDN for the resource IP-1.
save confSave the configuration.

On a working Abilis, a system restart is required to make the IP-1 resource running.