82.5. How to configure a multicast group of SIP phones


This group is used for OUT field of the CTI routing.

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a ctig id:1 s:mAdd the multicast group.
s ctig id:1 p1:sip cdo:200Add the SIP port with sip-number 200.
s ctig id:1 p2:sip cdo:201 sp:8000Add the SIP port with sip-number 201 with SPOUT:8000.
s ctig id:1 p3:sip cdo:202 coders:g.729aAdd the SIP port with sip-number 202 with CODERSOUT:G.729A.
s ctig id:1 p4:sip cdo:203 t301:30Add the SIP port with sip-number 203 with alerting time-out 30 sec.
save confSave the configuration.

On a working Abilis, you must initialize the CTI Routings: init ctir.


The parameters (CDO, SP, CODERS, T301) of this example, replace the corresponding parameters (CDO, SPOUT, CODERSOUT, T301) of the routing when the group is configured in OUT field of the routing.


Refer to chapter Section 56.5.1, “Display CTI Routing Table (D CTIR)” to know more about the CTI Routings parameters.

Refer to chapter Section 56.3, “CTI Group” to know more about the CTI groups.