82.22. How to configure a Conference

Suppose you must configure a Conference with 10 users.


The CTIMIX requires the SoftPBX licence.

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a res:ctimix


s act res:ctimix

Add the CTIMIX resource.


If the resource already exists, set it active.

s p ctimix act:yesEnable the CTIMIX runtime functionalities.
s p ctimix sesnum:10Change the number of CTIMIX sessions (If is needed a conference between 10 users).
save confSave the configuration.
warm startRestart Abilis.

This configuration is sufficient to operate a Simplified Conference.

For a Basic Conference is necessary to add a CTI route, please see: Section 61.3.4, “CTI routing for CTIMIX”.

CTI routing configuration:

a ctir pr:0 poi:** sr:* out:mix cdi:0555555555 sp:64000Add a CTI rule to route a call from any CTI port, including Iax, Sip, Disa, Vo and any cluster to the CTIMIX resourse. The called number for the conference is 0555555555.
save confSave the configuration.
init ctirInitialize the CTIR resource.

The Abilis provides system messages for Basic Conference, that can be changed by administrator, see Section 70.14, “Mixer / conference”.