85.8. CTISMS

85.8.1. Can SMS to Email be sent an SMTP server different from the Abilis one?

SMS to Mail can be sent to ANY recipient. The Abilis SMTP can send mails:

  • To the SMTP server resolved by MX record of DNS;

  • To a SMTP relay server (e.g. That of ISP or company).

85.8.2. Can SMS also send CC: and BCC:?

Not in current implementation. Sender may specify at beginning of SMS one or more recipients separated by comma and SMS will be sent to those recipients.

85.8.3. Can SMS to Email or Email to SMS be more than 160 characters?

Yes. In Email to SMS a message can be splitted in up to 4 SMS (MAX-SMS-SPLIT parameter [default value 1]). In SMS to Email several messages can be reassembled, the limit of the mail (including headers) is 2048 byes.

85.8.4. Are attachments supported for email to SMS?

Attachments are actually ignored.

85.8.5. Can SMS be sent thru a dialing plan to take advantage of cheaper or marketing promo when sending SMS within the same Telco?

Yes. The CTISMS OUT routing table allows to choose the outgoing port, depending on the number to which the message has to be sent and/or the sender's email.