73.19. How to configure DATA CALL BACK using an CELL Key, calling an ISDN number

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a dev:cellkey-1Add the cellkey-1 device.

Type the following commands to configure the IP resource:

a res:ip-22 subtype:pppAdd an IP over PPP resource.
s p ip-22 lowres:ctislinkSet to CtiSLink the lowres of the IP resource.
s p ip-22 nat:outsideEnable NAT for the IP resource.
s p ip-22 dial-in:no dial-out:yesPrevent the CtiSLink to accept incoming calls and let to perform outgoing calls.
s p ip-22 nrty:30 rty:usConfigure the number of calls retry.
s p ip-22 nrty3:nomaxConfigure the PPP authentication number retry.
s p ip-22 cdo:99Configure the called output number.
s p ip-22 username:provider_user password:provider_pwdConfigure the login information.
s p ip-22 local:chap,pap remote:noneConfigure the local and remote authentication protocol.
s p ip-22 descr:UMTS-DATAConfigure the description of the IP resource.

Type the following commands to configure CTIDISA resource:

a res:ctidisa


s act res:ctidisa

Add the CTIDISA resource.


If the resource already exists, set it active.

s p ctidisa restricted-calling:yesRejects calls from calling numbers that aren't present in CTIDISA User table.
s p ctidisa act:yesEnable the CTIDISA runtime functionalities.
save confSave the configuration.
warm startRestart Abilis.
a ctidisa service:data_cbAdd the data_cb service.
s ctidisa service:data_cb mode:data-cb cdi:888 cd-res:ip-22Configure the service to use the IP resource above for data call back when the input called number is 888.
save confSave the configuration.
warm startRestart Abilis.

Type the following commands to configure the CTI data routing:

a ctir pr:1 descr:umts-data bci:data cdi:* poi:Sl out:501 sp:64000Add a rule to route data to CTIP 501.
a ctir pr:2 descr:DISA_data_cb poi:* out:disa cdi:999901 cgi:393331234567 cdo:888 sp:64000 coders:g.711Add a rule to route a call incoming from an ISDN line to DISA, when the calling number is a mobile phone.
init ctirInitialize the CTIR resource.
save confSave the configuration.

The result is that calling the ISDN number 999901 from the number 3331234567, the call is rejected and an internet connection is established using the UMTS Key. The key acquires a dynamic IP address so the configuration of Dynamic DNS is needed to reach Abilis. Besides, a correct configuration of NAT resource may be necessary for example to reach a server located behind Abilis or to enable navigation toward internet from LAN.