1.2. Abilis CPX structure

The internal structure of Abilis CPX is represented in the following scheme.

Figure 1.2. Top level scheme

Top level scheme

Hardware is composed of devices which provide an interface to different kinds of networks (Internet, ISDN, GSM, etc.).

The storage device is used to keep the operating system, the configuration and log files; generally, it's a Compact Flash, or optionally a Hard Disk.

A Watchdog is dedicated to the control of the normal operational cycle.

The software is made up of different modules (or resources) providing a full scale of services.

There are three ways to configure Abilis:


Simplest operations, like software installation or recovery, can also be done using the front panel of MFIDE module.

It's also possible to configure Abilis CPX without connecting to the Control Port, using the config.exe utility program.