2.13. Ethernet devices

2.13.1. Ethernet modem

Ethernet modem is a device with an ADSL/VDSL interface and an Ethernet interface that can work in transparent bridge.


Ethernet modem limitations:

  • Multiple VPI/VCI are not possible;

  • PPPoA or IPoA routed are not possible.


The default IP address is


The supervision must be done using Telnet or HTTP. The default user is admin and password is VuDi218.

Figure 2.74. Ethernet modem front view

Ethernet modem front view

Figure 2.75. Ethernet modem rear view

Ethernet modem rear view Led indications for Ethernet modem

PowerPower state.OFF: Power cable disconnected.

ON: Power cable connected and modem READY.

DSLDSL state.Slow Blinking: No DSL link.

On: DSL link established and active.

Quick Blinking: DSL is trying to establish a connection.

InternetData exchange.On: IP connected.

Blinking: IP connected and IP traffic is passing through the device.

Off: Modem power off or DSL connection not present.
LAN 1Ethernet data exchange.LED indicator will light green when a device is connected. It flashes when data is being transmitted or received on the connection. Physical specifications

Dimensions[mm]: 145x102x25;

Weight: 0.2Kg.