2.12. Remote devices

2.12.1. RVS - Remote Video Surveillance

This device is used to handle up to:

  • 4 Digital Inputs;

  • 4 Digital Outputs;

  • 1 telecamera.

RVS is connected to Abilis via Ethernet interface.

Figure 2.63. RVS device

RVS device


The RVS is supported starting from Abilis firmware version 8.4.

2.12.2. RIO - Remote I/O

This device is used to handle up to:

  • 16 Digital Inputs;

  • 16 Digital Outputs;

  • 8 Analog Inputs;

  • 8 Analog Outputs.

RIO is connected to Abilis via Ethernet interface.

Figure 2.64. RIO device

RIO device


The RIO is supported starting from Abilis firmware version 8.4. RIO Boards

RIO device is produced in 2 Boards types:

  1. RIO Board-0, embedded with 4 Digital Inputs and Digital Outputs.

    Figure 2.65. RIO Board-0

    RIO Board-0


    Physical connection of RIO Board-0 is identical with RVS, please see: Section 3.12, “RVS connection”.

  2. RIO Board-1, available in more subtypes.

    Figure 2.66. RIO Board-1

    RIO Board-1 RIO Board-1 subtypes

RIO device is available in more subtypes:

Table 2.22. RIO subtypes

SubtypeDigital InputsDigital Outputs/Relay SwitchAnalog InputsAnalog Outputs

Below the pin mapping for these subtypes:

Figure 2.67. RIO subtype 1

RIO subtype 1

Figure 2.68. RIO subtype 2

RIO subtype 2

Figure 2.69. RIO subtype 3

RIO subtype 3

Figure 2.70. RIO subtype 4

RIO subtype 4

Figure 2.71. RIO subtype 5

RIO subtype 5

Figure 2.72. RIO subtype 6

RIO subtype 6

Figure 2.73. RIO subtype 7

RIO subtype 7 RIO ports

Digital Input (D-IN)

The input ports are normally kept at 5V by means of a 10Kohm resistor. The logic value is ON. By connecting the input port to GND, the value goes OFF.

Digital Output (D-OUT)

You can choose whether to use the relay output ("clean contact" A-B), or the output "open collector" supplying with power +5 ... +12V with a max current of 100mA.

Relay Switch

Limit values: max switched voltage 220V DC, 250V AC; max switching power 30W or 62W; switched current 1A. The ON logic value corresponds to the closed contact.

Analog Input (A-IN)

These input ports are differential: they measure the voltage difference between line + and line - but it is necessary, however, that the potential difference of each line with respect to GND does not exceed 4.5 volts.

Analog Output (A-OUT)

These output lines refer to GND. The output signal is adjustable between 0 and 10 V DC at 0.1V steps.


Power connector. Input 12V - 5A.


Power sources for external sensors and actuators. The V-OUT is limited to 1A for each terminal. The GND must be used as a common ground reference for the various Input and Output lines.


Ethernet 10M/100M auto-sensing. Support TCP/IP exclusively using the Abilis protocol.


With the current firmware, ports are not used.