81.11. How to configure UMTS-BOX or LTE-BOX as backup for the Internet

Enter into the Abilis control-program or open the configuration file with the Console configurator and type the following commands.

a dev:cellkey-1


a dev:cellbox-1

Add the cellkey-1 device (for LTE-BOX or UMTS dongle).


Add the cellbox-1 device (for UMTS-BOX).

s p ctip:501 pdn-apn:mobile.itConfigure the APN (e.g. mobile.it).

Type the following commands to configure the IP resource:

a res:ip-11 subtype:pppAdd an IP over PPP resource.
s p ip-11 descr:BACKUP-UMTS-DATAConfigure the description of the IP resource.
s p ip-11 lowres:ctislinkSet to CtiSLink the lowres of the IP resource.
s p ip-11 nrty:30 rty:usConfigure the number of calls retry.
s p ip-11 nrty3:nomaxConfigure the PPP authentication number retry.
s p ip-11 cdo:99Configure the called output number.
s p ip-11 nat:outsideEnable NAT for the IP resource.
s p ip-11 ipadd:retrieve neigh:retrieveConfigure a dynamic IP address.
s p ip-11 username:provider_user password:provider_pwdConfigure the login information.
s p ip-11 local:chap,pap remote:noneConfigure the local and remote authentication protocol.
save confSave the configuration.
warm startRestart Abilis.

Configure the default IP route

a ipad net: prot:static distance:180 ip:11Add an entry in the IPAD table for the network
init ipadInitialize the IPAD table.
a ipr net: ip:11 -fdAdd a default route by configuring in the IP parameter the IP resource associated to the WAN connection.
save confSave the configuration.

The option -fd has been used because a static routing towards network was already present.


In the Console configurator, you must type the command: a sipr id:1 net: ip:11

Type the following commands to configure the data routing:

a ctir pr:1 descr:backup-umts-data bci:data cdi:99 poi:Sl out:501Add a rule to route data to CTIP 501.
init ctirInitialize the CTIR resource.
save confSave the configuration.